Memorial United Methodist Church is a part of the United Methodist Church formed in 1968. To learn more about our denominational story, please visit “Our Connection.”

First Brick church Elizabethtown, KY

The city of Elizabethtown has had a Methodist presence since the late eighteenth-century when what is now Hardin County was part of the Salt River Circuit. In those days, Methodists began as Societies, and the first Society in Elizabethtown was formed by Rev. Jack Stith in 1824. The Society met in the courthouse during its first years, but opened the first brick church in Elizabethtown in 1831. It was also used by Baptists and Presbyterians in the city.

Lucinda B. Helm

Memorial Methodist Church

As the 1900's drew near, the church no longer felt the brick building (which is no longer standing), was iadequate for their needs. They identified a new location on what is now, West Dixie Avenue in Elizabethtown, KY to build the Lucinda B. Helm Memorial Methodist Church, which opened in 1901. It was used as a house of worship for the Methodists for 56 years.

Memorial Methodist Church

In 1958, the church moved to its current location on North Miles Street in Elizabethtown, KY. It was originally built with a bell tower on the structure. During this time, the name of the church was Memorial Methodist Church.

Memorial United Methodist Church

In 1968, the church became known as Memorial United Methodist Church, which is the name it still bears today. In 2015, the building was renovated and the bell tower was replaced with a stained-glass steeple. 

Over the last fifty-plus years, the church has consistently renewed its commitment to stay here on North Miles Street and serve the people of Elizabethtown, KY. We look forward to the future of God's work in the city, and pray that we may continue to be the leaders we have been for so long and to be faithful servants of God's Kingdom. Please explore our website to see how we are living out this calling today, and please consider being a part of the future of our story, which is just one small part of God's great story. 

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