Worship experiences

Sunday Worship Experiences

8:30AM - Hillside - Sanctuary, Building A

9:45AM - Cornerstone - Common Ground Worship Center, Building C

11:00AM - Foundations - Sanctuary, Building A

Sunday morning is an opportunity for our congregation and guests to come together in fellowship, worship, and hearing from God's word. We offer child care for all services, beginning at 8:15AM. During the 11AM services, we offer Children's Church, where our kids, 4 years to 5th grade, can experience a service geared towards them.


    8:30 AM Sunday

    Sanctuary, Building A

    Gospel Hymns

    Jesus would often sit on a hillside and invite the people to hear him teach and see him perform miracles. He invited people as they were, and we invite you to join us as you are for this worship experience where we join Jesus on the hillside and enjoy his life-changing presence.


    9:45 AM Sunday

    Worship Center, Building C

    Word and Table; Contemporary Music

    Cornerstone is a worship experience designed to bring people into an intimate encounter with God. Whether you have never been in a church, have been hurt by the church, or merely prefer a newer way of doing church, all who are far away from God can easily find him here.


    11:00 AM Sunday

    Sanctuary, Building A

    Liturgical order; Traditional Music

    Foundations is the worship experience that continues and celebrates the long history of worship at Memorial and in the Church. With an ancient liturgy looking toward the future of the Kingdom, we experience and celebrate the glory of God.