Sunday School Classes

The following is a list of our Sunday School offerings taking place every Sunday morning at 9:45 AM. They would all love for you to be a part of their community. For more information, call Becky Baumfalk at (270) 769-3331 or visit the Welcome Center on Sunday morning.

Bible & Love

Room B202

This class uses a rotation of teachers and discuss a variety of books and other resources on books of the Bible and topics relevant to life.


Room B209

The curriculum will vary from book studies, timely topics and will be taught by a teaching team.


Chapel, Building A

This men's class has existed for over one hundred years and continues today with strong community and teaching. They use the International Bible Series and are featured weekly on the radio.

Discovering New beginnings

Room B205

This class uses the International Bible Series.

Doing Life together

Room B201

This class focuses directly on the Scriptural text and work together to explore what it means for us today.


Room B208

This class uses the International Bible Series as a starting point for their rotation of leaders to engage in discussion. 


Rooms B106

This class uses a variety of materials meant to address the many questions we all have about the Bible.


Room B111

This class uses the International Bible Series as a starting point for their discussions, which are led by a rotation of teachers made up of members and non-members.

Upper room

Room B207

This class uses the Adult Bible Studies series and explores other topics as decided by the members together.